Embodied Digital Media: Research/Design

RTA 995 & MP 8995

Winter 2021

About RTA 995/MP 8995

Few digital technologies make use of the connection between our bodies and minds to support creativity and knowledge production. This research and design centered course will provide students with the unique opportunity to envision the shape of research-based education in digital and embodied media, while working in the Synaesthetic Media Lab (Synlab) on cutting edge projects in Tangible and Embodied Interaction for creativity, discovery and expression. This course is supported in part by an Epic MegaGrant. Students will work with the Unreal Game Engine on designing tangible and embodied interactions for real-time 3D environmnents in augmented and/or virtual reality. Students in this course will develop the following skills:

  • Evaluation - Analyze and critically evaluate existing tangible/embodied interaction systems using formal knowledge from the field.
  • Research - Formulate research questions, prepare a research plan, and carry out research in the area of tangible and embodied interaction design.
  • Design - Devise, design, develop, and evaluate tangible/embodied interaction systems and contextualize them within the field.