Tangible Tensors (TTs)

Current Project

Visualizing big data is useful for many analytical applications, especially in the field of bioinformatics. Traditional analytic methods rely on the interpretation of numerical and/or textual sets of data via software or hand work. This paper introduces the concept of bridging the gap between research related to data analysis and research revolving around the visualization of data. Specifically, concepts related to tensors were used as the backbone for developing a unique visually based tool for manipulating and spotting trends in a set of data. First, we introduce the concept of tensors and their relevance to visualizing data. Next, we present the system design for a toolkit that utilizes the tensors concept. Finally, we demonstrate the importance of this technology for providing progressive innovation in the field of biological pathways analysis.

Start Date

Sept. 1, 2015


Matthew Kyan


Ali Mazalek

Roozbeh Manshaei

Uzair Mayat

Shahin Khayyer

Sean DeLong

Justin DiGregorio

Apurva Gupta

Brien East