Tangible Biological Networks (TBNets)

Current Project

To completely understand how our organisms function and the origin of disease, a full list of genes is not sufficient: We also need an accurate map of how genes, proteins, metabolites and other cellular components interact with each other. Gene network exploration is a fundamental part of revealing the secrets and structure of genetic pathways. Biologists explore gene networks to find the genetic differences and structural evolution among different organisms, and to identify the primary limitations on the possible paths of development. Currently, there is no efficient gene exploration interface available. Tangible Biological Networks(TBN) aims to combine genetic interaction visualization with functional network analysis, so that insight about the gene interaction’s structure might be gained. TBN will allow for an easier method of comparing vast amounts of data and their structures in different species; you will be allowed to see how similar, or different, organisms are by comparing the structure of their gene interactions. We develop a many filters that provides a better visualization and to see a different pattern of the gene network. Also, we introduce a new web-based and interactive visualization to select filters and organisms. We have conducted consultation with various professors regarding what they want for visualization and based on their feedback we will change our design process, so they gain more knowledge about gene interaction structure. We got a better idea about the future work. Based on the consultation we can make more filters and add more database to help all people. For new interactions, we use Myo armband to interact with the digital interactive wall (i-wall) interface, and we make a tablet interface to see the property of the filters.

Start Date

Feb. 1, 2015

Postdoctoral Researchers

Roozbeh Manshaei

Master's Students

Sean DeLong


Uzair Mayat

Shahin Khayyer


Matthew Kyan


Ali Mazalek