Real Life Sims

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Real-Life Sims is an RFID-based system for tracking and visualizing everyday activities in order to convey a sense of presence to remote users. The visualizations are displayed on a wall-projected virtual space that connects several real-world living spaces, allowing users to meet as a virtual collective. An arm-mounted RFID reader is used to track user interactions with everyday objects and infer their daily activities over time. We have implemented different visualization modes that range from the direct mapping of physical world activities into a virtual living room space, to more expressive and artistic representations of the activities through the control of abstract creatures with behavioral models that influence the way in which they move and interact in the virtual space.

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2007-Wearable RFID for Play

Start Date

Jan. 1, 2005

Finish Date

Jan. 1, 2006


Ali Mazalek


Andreas Von Hessling