SayWhyPoll & Tangible Anchoring

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The SayWhyPoll & Tangible Anchoring System explores new methods of public opinion gathering, analysis, and presentation afforded by the convergence of mobile user-generated content, tabletop tangible computing, the Web, and mass media channels. The SayWhyPoll mobile app enables the coupling of quantitative and qualitative data (close-ended survey items and video), giving participants the option of saying not only what they think, but why. The Synlab research team is currently field-testing SayWhyPoll in Atlanta Fulton County District 6, in collaboration with County Commissioner Joan Garner. The Tangible Anchoring tabletop application makes it possible for the results of this experimental survey technique to be easily explored and discussed via information visualizations designed for television broadcast programs and public meetings. Our research includes the evaluation of new interaction techniques for data storytelling and viewer participation in these scenarios of use.


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Start Date

Jan. 1, 2010

Finish Date

June 1, 2015


Ali Mazalek


Susan Robinson

Aman Parnami

Basheer Tome

Jinhyun Kim

John Chandler

Paul O'Neill