Cross-Being: Dancers

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Cross-being: Dancers (spinning screen) is an interactive sound and video installation based on the idea of a movable screen. The screen can be spun by the viewer's touch and the image of a dancer inside the screen spins in correspondence with the physical movement of screen. The speed of the physical spinning also affects the video speed, so if viewer spins the screen slowly, she can catch and see every detail of the dancer's beautiful performance as it unfolds over even the tiniest moments. On the other hand, if the screen is spun very fast, another hidden layer of the dancer's movements are revealed in fast motion. This work explores the intertwined relationship between the digital and physical space.


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2008-Cross-being: dancer (the spinning screen)

2008-Cross-Being: dancer (the spinning screen)

Start Date

Oct. 1, 2004

Finish Date

May 1, 2005


Hyunjean Lee