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Architales is an interactive story table that encompasses shared engagement with cinematically-inspired narrative expressions that unfold on its surface and throughout its space. The piece is designed for public transient spaces, so the physical structure is designed to evoke the interest of the passing user, and the digital applications are designed for short interactive experiences around the tabletop. Users first experience the broad story themes and concepts as they approach the piece, through the physical form of the table and surrounding space. The physical structure invites users to its center, where they can dive into the digital story material through tangible and touch interactions on the surface of the rear-projected tabletop display. The piece was designed in an interdisciplinary research and studio class across the architecture, industrial design and digital media departments at Georgia Tech in spring 2008. The goal of the class was to create a compelling tabletop story experience by combining design and engineering techniques and technologies from architecture (tables and spaces) with digital and tangible media forms (computation, content and visual arts). Supported by ROSS.


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2008-Architales: physical/digital co-design of an interactive story table

Start Date

Jan. 1, 2008

Finish Date

June 1, 2008


Ali Mazalek


Susan Robinson

Andy Wu


Claudia Rebola

Research Associate

Tristan Al-Haddad