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The gamewell project brings digital content and computational game engines to the table to enable new forms of multi-player tabletop game play. Traditional tabletop games are a popular pastime: they serve to entertain and to challenge, and they provide an informal setting for improvisational storytelling, role-playing and face-to-face social interaction among players. On digital tabletops, an embedded display and multi-user interaction via touch or tagged tangible objects integrates the physicality of traditional tabletop game-play with the increased complexity afforded by computationally-driven games. Gamewell is a platform and manager for tangible and multi-touch tabletop games that allows us to explore novel interaction methods and game genres for digital tabletops. Research questions addressed include: what interaction methods can generalize across different tabletop games, what interaction methods are specific to certain games or game types, what can we learn from past tabletop or arcade game forms, and how can we redefine the design methods for this new modality. Gamewell is developed in XNA. The first games include ColorCross, a Twister-inspired cooperative game, and Space Vectors, a multi-player tabletop strategy game.


Start Date

Jan. 1, 2008

Finish Date

Jan. 1, 2009


Ali Mazalek


Ari Velazquez

Steph Yang

Dan Gibson

Jimmy Truesdell

Andy Korzik

Tatum Clanton

Peter Watanabe