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SpinSpace is part of the inSpace project, a collaboration with Steelcase Inc. to create collaborative meeting spaces for the future. SpinSpace is an application for navigating a distributed digital content space on the Spinning Screen. The Spinning Screen, developed by Hyun Jean Lee, is a two sided LCD monitor with touch screen capabilities that is mounted on a rotating shaft. In the SpinSpace application, users rotate the Spinning Screen with reference to other devices and displays located in the meeting room. Users select one of the devices in the room by rotating the Spinning Screen towards it. Once a device (e.g. a wall display or laptop) is selected, users can then navigate its digital content space through touch-based interactions on the Spinning Screen. SpinSpace thus enables navigation through the current physical space, through temporal/spatial connections between devices and digital content, and through content sharing and display. SpinSpace also allows users to navigate the physical and digital space of remotely collaborating teams through a rapid-rotate interaction. A professional/social networking component in the interface allows users to find similarities and connections among the members in a distributed collaborative work environment. Supported by Steelcase and the National Science Foundation, grant #0705569.

Start Date

Jan. 1, 2008

Finish Date

June 1, 2008


Kirti Goel

Hyunjean Lee

Meekal Bajaj


Ali Mazalek