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WiiArts is an experimental video, audio and image processing art project that invites viewers into a collaborative and expressive art experience. It makes use of pre-existing sensing technologies provided by Nintendo's WiiRemotes and a wireless Sensor Bar. In its current form, three interactors work together to create and compose images and sounds. Illumination, a piece created under the WiiArts theme, is a real-time video art piece in which drawings are created with fluid candlelight traces. The projection screen becomes a shared drawing canvas, and up to three participants can draw simultaneously with their own WiiRemotes. The candlelight source imagery is captured from three burning candles in real-time, and the candlelight traces made by participants jointly compose a dynamic drawing. This process of drawing from light in a dark space provides a contemplative aesthetic experience.



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2008-WiiArts: Creating collaborative art experience with WiiRemote interaction

Start Date

Sept. 1, 2007

Finish Date

June 1, 2008


Gaurav Gupta

Hyungsin Kim

Hyunjean Lee


Ali Mazalek