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Spinning3D allows users to spatially navigate virtual environments and view virtual objects, while remaining immersed in the real world. It was developed to explore methods to aid wayfinding through body movement and tangible actions. Spinning3D makes use of the Spinning Screen interface developed by Hyun Jean Lee, a two sided LCD monitor with touch screen capabilities that is mounted on a rotating shaft. Spinning3D enables users to view a point from 360 degrees by rotating the Spinning Screen. Users can rotate the Spinning Screen in order to navigate a 3D environment or view a 3D object from all sides. As users rotate the Spinning Screen, they themselves rotate along with it, helping them memorize the navigation. Supported by Steelcase and the National Science Foundation, grant #0705569.

Start Date

March 1, 2007

Finish Date

May 1, 2008


Kirti Goel

Hyunjean Lee

Hee Rin Lee


Ali Mazalek