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As digital media applications continue to evolve, there is a need for new kinds of platforms that can support shared media interactions for everyday consumers. The Tviews Table is a multi-user digital/tangible media table that supports interaction through the real-time tracking of tagged tangible objects on a coincident display surface. The first implementation of TViews used electromagnetic sensing technology combined with an overhead-projected display. Later versions incorporate an extensible acoustic-based sensing architecture that functions through the glass surface of an embedded display and enables real-time tracking of a virtually unlimited set of uniquely identified wireless objects that can be used on the surface of any similar table. These objects can be physically customized in order to suit particular applications, and can provide additional functionality through external input and output elements on the objects themselves. TViews has been used for the development of a number of a variety of media content applications, including games, story engines and map-based media content browsers.

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Start Date

Sept. 1, 2003

Finish Date

June 1, 2008


Glorianna Davenport

Matt Reynolds


Ali Mazalek