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Murmur is a multi-sensory display, interactive kinetic relief sculpture and listening machine. In its current instantiation, a hundred CPU fans act on a reactive surface made of hinged paper pieces in response to sounds from the environment. Murmur thus experiences the world through its 'ears' and 'speaks' through motion. The wind pressure generated by the movement of the fans stimulates the surface, forcing the paper up and out to create a variety of dynamic patterns. Each pattern represents characteristics of the sonic environment. When fitted with different sensors, Murmur can display many different types of information from its environment. Or, when connected to the net, Murmur can also act as an ambient display for remote data streams. The current mapping of sound input to fan movement in wave patterns was chosen for its unity of form, and designed as an interactive art installation for the Listening Machines 2007 exhibition at the Eyedrum Gallery in Atlanta, GA.

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2008-Murmur: Kinetic Relief Sculpture, Multi-Sensory Display, Listening Machine

Start Date

Jan. 1, 2006

Finish Date

June 1, 2006


Ali Mazalek


Aimee Rydarowski

Ozge Samanci