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RENATI (Recontextualizing Narratives for Tangible Interfaces) is an overall umbrella term for explorations in how to recontextualize short stories for tangible interface technologies. The focus is on the design of a narrative for traditional film/video screen presentation and then its redesign for tangible interactive experiences. The first work in the series is an interactive installation called Flying Over Purgatory based on Ayoka's original screenplay of the same name and set in post-apartheid South Africa. The installation uses an Afri-centric life size expressive custom-built wooden mannequin containing two monitors and a silk-screened hoop skirt of images of South African women. RFID tagged props are places in a hand and trigger stories on the monitor in the headdress and floating text narrative on the 2nd monitor.

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2008-RENATI: Recontextualizing Narratives for Tangible Interfaces

2008-RENATI: recontextualizing narratives for tangible interfaces

Start Date

Jan. 1, 2006

Finish Date

June 1, 2009


Ayoka Chenzira


Ali Mazalek