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Have you ever thought of scrawling on books borrowed from the library? Of course it's wrong and forbidden. But the idea of Wikis and tangible media research inspire us. If we could leave digital messages in their pages, old printed books may find new interpretations. The goal of this project is to display digital messages in the form of text, sound and other visual elements on the pages of physical books as the user reads. Imagine reading The Lord of the Rings and seeing the scene of the white castle and towers unfold as a small digital video alongside the text. To achieve this, we need input devices, a camera and a projector. When a book is identified via RFID, messages left by former readers can be accessed on the network and displayed. New messages are entered via input devices such as keyboards or pen tablets and submitted to the online content database. With this implementation, old prints relive and join the new digital world without needing to be digitally duplicated.

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Start Date

Jan. 1, 2006

Finish Date

Feb. 1, 2008


Ali Mazalek


Susan Robinson

Andy Wu