BioBrowser: bug crawl

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The BioBrowser project explores novel tangible interfaces and user interaction techniques for collaborative browsing and searching of large biological information databases. Our long term goals are to create tangible tools that can bring together biology education and biologically inspired design processes. Our first demonstration of the project, BioBrowser: bug crawl, allows users to explore the surface of an animal from the perspective of a tiny insect. Users physically tilt the table's display surface to move around the animal's surface. An accelerometer mounted underneath the tabletop senses its degree of tilt and sends these values to a PIC microcontroller connected to a computer via a serial connection. The application program running on the PC is implemented in Java and OpenGL.

Start Date

Jan. 1, 2006

Finish Date

Dec. 15, 2007


Madhur Khandelwal

Hyunjean Lee


Ali Mazalek