ROSS API Projects

Below are some of the applications created with the ROSS API.

ROSS Paint

With ROSS Paint, ROSS devices can work together to create an art piece. The ROSS API manages touch inputs from phones which are shared between devices. A single component of the program listens for packets containing touch information from all other surfaces. Lines are drawn between received touches. Since the touch packets overlap in frequency, the lines are often drawn between user gestures, resulting in banded patterns of color.

In the example image below, the left user sketches with his left thumb on the touch screen of a smartphone. He also holds a stylus in his right hand to sketch on a tablet computer. At the same time, the right user sketches with his left thumb on another smartphone. The projection screen is the mirrored image of the tablet screen.

ROSS Ripple

ROSS Ripple is an artistic demonstration of the capabilities of nested multi-touch surfaces and tangible objects. User touches on either a phone or table surface cause colored ripples to emanate from the touch position and fade out over time. When a phone is held in the air, touches on the surface of the phone or table are virtually synchronized with the surface of the other device. Ripples produced on the phone are thus produced on the table and vice versa, in positions relative to the size of each surface.

When the phone is away from the tabletop surface, the phone screen is mapped to the entire tabletop surface. Ripples on the table show up at corresponding positions on the phones screen.

When the phone is placed on the tabletop, the phone's screen has become part of the tabletop surface. Ripples on the cellphone screen pass the physical boundary of the cellphone to the tabletop.


ROSS Tile is a single interacive touch application can be managed across two or more phone, tablet or table surfaces. Like Ripple, events occuring on one phone surface will be noticed on surfaces of any other phone displays. ROSS phone tiling accounts for positioning of phones for both objects to move from one phone to another, as well as any lighting or rippling effects associated with the objects.

Potential Applications Using ROSS Tile

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For further technical details about the ROSS API, please see the ROSS Publications.

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