Firaz Peer


I'm a third year PhD student in Digital Media at Georgia Institute of Technology and am being advised by Prof. Carl DiSalvo. My research examines the ways in which technologies and information artifacts construct and support civic life. I employ qualitative and design research methods to understand data and information systems, which inform the design of user-centered interactions, services and experiences that citizens can engage with in meaningful ways. Over the years, my interaction design skills have expanded to include both the digital and the physical, with experiences across print, web, mobile, tangible as well as wearable interfaces. I also enjoy conducting design workshops with community members that allow them to link their specific interests to academic achievement, career success or civic engagement.


Georgia Tech



2013 - Recognizing Your Self in Virtual Avatars

2011 - I'm in the game: embodied puppet interface improves avatar control

2011 - Pictures at an Exhibition: A Physical/Digital Puppetry Performance Piece