Andy Wu



Georgia Tech



Malleable Screens



Moons Over You

Optical Chess

Tangible Tracking Table



2014 - SciSketch: A Tabletop Collaborative Sketching System

2012 - A Nested API Structure to Simplify Cross-Device Communication

2011 - One-Way Pseudo Transparent Display

2011 - Organic UIs and Cross-Reality Spaces

2011 - Creativity in Software Development in an Academic Research Lab

2011 - Kinesthetic Pathways: A Tabletop Visualization to Support Discovery in Systems Biology

2011 - Pictures at an Exhibition: A Physical/Digital Puppetry Performance Piece

2011 - A Framework Interweaving Tangible Objects, Surfaces and Spaces

2011 - Tangible navigation and object manipulation in virtual environments

2009 - KinoPuzzle: Grasping Realities through Tangible Tabletop Documentaries

2009 - Architales: physical/digital co-design of an interactive story table

2009 - Tangible optical chess: a laser strategy game on an interactive tabletop

2008 - Turning a page on the digital annotation of physical books

2008 - Moons over you: the poetic space of virtual and real

2008 - Architales: physical/digital co-design of an interactive story table

2008 - Tangible Tracking Table: an interactive tabletop display

2007 - WikiTUI: Leaving Digital Traces in Physical Books

2007 - WikiTUI