Georgina Yeboah


I'm a VR/Tangible Interaction Designer, Researcher and Media Developer at Synlab. I've been working at the lab since 2015 after completing my bachelor of Fine Arts from Ryerson's New Media undergraduate program. Most of my responsibilities involve conducting user studies, creating research videos for conference submissions and designing VR-tangible embodied projects towards spatial ability learning in STEM learning with my team T.A.S.C.(Tangibles for Augmenting Spatial Cognition). I've also been involved in other projects such as the Participatory Campus Learning project (PCP) and Re/TK for media and visual assistance. I have always been interested in interactive design and user engagement within interactive spaces. My next chapter will continue at OCADU where I will further explore user engagement within interactive spaces and how these meaningful and powerful connections can be improved or strengthened. I also love to draw, listen to A LOT of music and I create comics!