Georgina Yeboah


Georgina Yeboah (b. 1993, Toronto, Canada) is an up and coming new media artist in Toronto, Ontario. She has recently completed her BFA in New Media from Ryerson University and was also a part of the university’s 20th Maximum Exposure show for her 4th year thesis project 1000 Dreams Or More (2015). Yeboah is interested in the common unity of unique personal attributes of the self. Her work involves collecting the simple yet complex personal qualities of others such as their morals, goals, desires beliefs, personalities, personal sentimental values and their very existence of presence. Yeboah takes these unique features of the human mind and soul and transforms them into visually capturing aesthetics in installation works and illustrations to create sentimental narratives with the viewers that bring about the experiences that most can relate to in life. For Yeboah, these personal values individuals experience and cherish inspire her to create works of unity, harmony and self-reassurance that we are all connected uniquely and never truly alone within these themes of reflection and experience. She also uses her creative practice for animation, digital and traditional illustration, storytelling, comic design, video, programming, marketing, painting, baking, crocheting and knitting. Yeboah has received positive feedback from peers and clients and was awarded with the Wilf Pegg Intermediate Visual Arts Award in 2009. She currently works as a research assistant at Ryerson University’s Synasthetic Media Lab developing and designing tangible embodied virtual reality systems for spatial cognition. Yeboah currently resides in her hometown, Toronto Ontario.


Ryerson University