Paul Clifton



Georgia Tech



emBodied Digital Creativity

Universal Threshold Object

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Storytelling


2015 - Mapping Place: Supporting Cultural Learning through a Lukasa-inspired Tangible Tabletop Museum Exhibit

2013 - Reach across the boundary: evidence of physical tool appropriation following virtual practice

2013 - Don't Open That Door: designing gestural interactions for interactive narratives

2013 - Lasting Impression: Interaction With Embodied Puppet Leads to Changes in the Way People Draw Sketches

2013 - Recognizing Your Self in Virtual Avatars

2013 - Moving Digital Puppets

2011 - I'm in the game: embodied puppet interface improves avatar control

2011 - SketchTop: design collaboration on a multi-touch tabletop

2011 - Pictures at an Exhibition: A Physical/Digital Puppetry Performance Piece

2010 - Recognizing Self in Puppet Controlled Virtual Avatars

2009 - Giving your self to the game: transferring a player's own movements to avatars using tangible interfaces