Prototyping "In The Wild" Interaction Scenarios With RE/Tk

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Tarun, A.P., Bellucci, A., Mazalek, A. 2017. Prototyping "In The Wild" Interaction Scenarios With RE/Tk. Cross-Surface '16 workshop, in conjunction with ACM CHI ’16.


Building interactive environments that blend digital information into the physical world is hindered by the complexity of setting up the technological medium. We developed the Responsive Ecologies Toolkit (RE/Tk) to provide researchers and developers with a toolkit that would cut down the low-level technical demands thus making it easier to prototype applications for heterogeneous networked devices. This position paper argues for a better conceptual model to support design of interaction experiences "in the wild". It also proposes extensions to the RE/Tk to support design iterations where the potential interaction devices and their capabilities are not known.

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RE/Toolkit: Developing Responsive And Interactive Environments

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