Tilting Table: A moveable screen

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Proceedings of the First International Conference on Tangible and Embedded Interaction (TEI '07), ACM, New York, NY, pp.93-96


In screen-based experiences, the screen itself can become the physical device used for interaction. The "move-ability" of the screen affords interactivity between the screen artifact and the viewer, and between the virtual and physical spaces. We have created a movable screen interface, called the tilting table, which provides a display surface via overhead projection. This interface invites user interaction through the action of tilting the tabletop. The degree of tilt affects the displayed visuals and audio output. This simple interaction makes users feel they have a closer connection to the virtual imagery, and the screen thus blurs the boundary between them. In this paper, we introduce four applications that have been implemented for the tilting table. Two use an artistic approach to create expressive and entertaining media interactions, while two have been developed for navigating large information spaces. Each application is described and user feedback is discussed.

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A BeadBall Table

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