Actibles: Open Source Active Tangibles

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Brien East, Sean Delong, Roozbeh Manshaei, Ahmed Arif, Ali Mazalek. 2016. Actibles: Open Source Active Tangibles. In Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ISS 2016). ACM Niagara Falls, Canada.


Actibles are an open source hardware/software platform for creating active tangibles. Actibles contain a smartwatch core, which eases both hardware and software develop- ment, and enables application developers to leverage vari- ous web technologies. The smartwatch core is augmented by custom hardware that enables an expanded set of tan- gible interactions, including shaking, tilting, stacking and neighboring, as well as on-screen gestures and integrated LED feedback. Actibles can be used both independently or in conjunction with other devices, such as interactive table- tops. We describe the Actible’s technical specifications and demonstrate several example applications.

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