Beyond Vaporware: Considerations for Meaningful Design with Smell

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Melanie McBride, Daniel Harley, Ali Mazalek and Jason Nolan. 2016. Beyond Vaporware: Considerations for Meaningful Design with Smell. Touch, Taste, & Smell User Interfaces: The Future of Multisensory HCI Workshop, in ACM SIGCHI Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'16).


Smell is not only among our most marginalized senses, it is also an underrepresented mode of knowledge, communication and literacy. We ask how it is possible to develop meaningful interactions with smell without first examining the sources and influences of our own assumed knowledge and beliefs. Building on our team's ongoing research of situated learning practices, communicating, and designing interactions with smell, we propose a set of considerations for intersensory technology design that focus on smelling in the 'present tense.' Our workshop contribution seeks to support interaction designers in critically and meaningfully working with smell through practices of self-reflexive inquiry.

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Sensory and Interactive Museums

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