Grasping Cultural Context through Multisensory Interactions

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Jamie Kwan, Jean Ho Chu, Daniel Harley, Melanie McBride, and Ali Mazalek. 2016. Grasping Cultural Context with Multisensory Interactions. Extended Abstract in the Tenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (TEI '16). ACM.


This paper describes the research and design of three tangible and embodied prototypes that aim to enable users to meaningfully engage with an artifact's historical context and use. Together, these prototypes engage users in a cultural heritage experience that is sensorially embodied through a multimodal ensemble of visual, aural, tactile, and olfactory interactions. A preliminary user test suggests that future work on multisensory interaction should focus on developing accessible design principles and considerations that support a sensorially embodied and tangible understanding of historical artifacts. We suggest that multisensory interactions present significant opportunities for interactive exhibits to expand our access to cultural history and its artifacts.

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Sensory and Interactive Museums

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