Tangible Synergetic Domes

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Works-in-Progress at the Seventh International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI '13), ACM, 8 pages.


This paper describes a proof of concept design, development, and implementation for an interactive children's science museum exhibit that uses a TUI (tangible user interface) with a hemispheric surface. The goal of the exhibit is to assist younger students in better understanding the principles of geodesic dome construction developed by R. Buckminster Fuller. Using touch interaction, triangular elements can be selected, moved, and placed to construct geodesic dome patterns. Interacting with these elements on a surface that more closely matches the form of the geodesic dome, children can learn how the proper placement of pieces will lead to the creation a geodesic dome structure without needing to understand the advanced mathematical theories supporting the construction methods.

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Tangible Synergetic Domes