Tangible Anchoring: Grasping News and Public Opinion

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Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE '10), ACM, New York, NY


Tangible Anchoring explores potential practices for new reporting and analysis afforded by the convergence of tabletop computing forms, broadcast media, and user-generated content via mobile, interactive television, and online technologies. Our system applies these technologies in a novel combination to support new forms of dialogue for broadcast television, with a focus on polling, and the techniques prototyped are also applicable for webcasts, meetings and art installations. The system enables tabletop computing users (e.g. television anchors or moderators) to receive and mix for redistribution both quantitative and qualitative data, i.e. viewpoints, from participants in remote locations or face-to-face settings. Our design scenario for the television studio assumes multiple camera angles, two or more discussants, multiple displays, and issues-based polls using mobile phones. Our current prototype features viewer viewpoints represented on a tangible tabletop broadcast anchor desk. In this paper, we present our design rationale and feedback on the application from industry professionals and colleagues.

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