Teaching Table: A tangible mentor for pre-kindergarten math education

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MS in Information Design and Technology, Georgia Tech, 2006


In this project, I explore how to keep the interaction and learning for the pre-K students in the real world using physical objects while harnessing the power of the virtual one using Tangible Computing. In that attempt, I present here the design and implementation of "Teaching Table" - a system of digital manipulatives and display surface embedded with sensing technology and linked to computational intelligence. The table can track tagged objects placed on its surface, accurately identifying their type and location while providing a coincident visual display and audio feedback, using which activities are created that impart math knowledge to the children playing on the table. I also propose how the table can be an integral addition to the present classroom environment as it can enhance learning experiences of children in an interactive and playful way by involving them in physical activities. Focusing on the age group of pre-kindergarten children, the Teaching Table activities will attempt to develop fundamental math skills by leveraging the already existing curriculum guidelines for pre-K schools set by the State of Georgia (or, any other state as appropriate).

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Teaching Table


Madhur Khandelwal

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