Cross-being: dancer (the spinning screen)

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ACM SIGGRAPH 2008 Posters (SIGGRAPH '08), Article No. 19, ACM, New York, NY


In screen-based experiences, the screen itself can become the physical device used for interaction. The "move-ability" of the screen affords interactivity between the screen artifact and the viewer and between the virtual space and the physical space. As a movable screen interface, I have created the spinning screen, a two-sided monitor mounted on a revolving base. This interface invites user interaction through the action of spinning the screen. User interactions with the spinning screen can support diverse temporal and spatial responses, thereby enriching users’ experiences. The spinning screen enables the viewer to grasp the interplay between visibility and invisibility, creating an aesthetic experience. The angle and direction of rotation affects the displayed visuals and audio output.

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Cross-Being: Dancers

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