The TViews Table for Storytelling and Gameplay

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Concepts and Technologies for Pervasive Games: A Reader for Pervasive Gaming Research, vol. 1, C. Magerkurth, C. Röcker (eds.), Shaker Verlag, Aachen, Germany, pp.265-290


With the rapid and continuous growth of digital media entertainment, we need new kinds of platforms and technologies that can better bridge our physical and digital worlds. Rather than confining our interactions to single-user portals into the digital space, emerging platforms such as digital tabletops can enable face-to-face social interaction with digital games. We present here a new sensing architecture for creating tangible media tables. The TViews architecture provides tangible interaction through real-time tracking of multiple objects on a sensing surface equipped with an embedded display. The design can generalize across diverse applications and physical contexts, ranging from home living rooms, to classrooms or public settings. We describe the technical design and our initial game development for the table.

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TViews Table

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