The TViews Table in the Home

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Proceedings of the 2nd Annual IEEE International Workshop on Horizontal Interactive Human-Computer Systems (TABLETOP '07), IEEE, Los Alamitos, CA, pp.52-59


The past several years of computer interaction research have shown an increasing interest in tabletops for shared user interactions through touch or tangible objects. Digital media tables offer the potential to expand our digital interactions into casual social settings that are not appropriate for desktop platforms, such as home living rooms. We have developed a tangible media table called TViews, which provides an extensible architecture to enable multiuser interactions with a range of media applications and content via tagged tangible objects. The TViews object positioning utility functions on the surface of an embedded display and enables real-time tracking of a virtually unlimited set of uniquely identified wireless objects that can be used on the surface of any similar table. These objects can be physically customized in order to suit particular applications, and can provide additional functionality through external input and output elements on the objects themselves. In this paper, we present a first field trial of TViews to gain some initial insight into how such a device could be adopted in a real-world home.

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TViews Table

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